The House of Chet Callahan

Check out minimalist designer Chet Callahan’s super cool Los Angeles house in this sweet video.

Video here.


Ayka Design

Interior designer K. Michelle Evans is used to weaving global cultures and attitudes into her designs and works. She recently launched Ayka Design, a design company focused on creating hand woven rugs with bright and interesting patterns. All rugs in the debut collection are hand knotted in Nepal and India.

The collection of rugs features several sublines including the City Landscape series, the Chamois series, the Chambray line, and more. Each line has a different look and feel. See some of the fabulous rugs below.

thumbs_75941-ayka-design-chintz.jpg.500x313_q100_crop_sharpen_upscale 47571-ayka-design-chambray 53340-ayka-design-luminate

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Crafting Design from Destruction

Furniture designer Robin Wade likes to craft beautiful furniture out of materials he finds in areas of destruction – think Tornado ridden trees. These two tables shown below are now on display in a museum in his town of residence in Florence, Alabama. Check them out below.


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Occidental College

Occidental College, the alma mater of Barack Obama in Los Angeles, was recently renovated by famed designer Hagy Belzberg. The century-old Johnson Hall, with its facade as mash-up of neoclassical and Spanish colonial, had the inside completely gutted and redone to make it more conducive to learning.

Belzberg found that “the old passive learning paradigm—classrooms, lecture halls—was obsolete or at least heading that way” so he wanted to mix up the interior designs.

“The technological nexus of the entire building is in the lobby—an intervention that he describes as a “digital Post-it wall.” More properly called the Global Forum, it’s a gently folded plane in slumped glass, subtly textured and sandwiching a layer of vinyl printed with one of two graphic patterns. “Each glass panel fits in a particular place in the composition. It’s a jigsaw puzzle,”” he explains.

thumbs_65827-innovation-lab-occidental-college-hagy-belzberg-0314.jpg.1064x0_q90_crop_sharpen thumbs_67299-corridor-writable-glass-occidental-college-hagy-belzberg-0314.jpg.0x1064_q90_crop_sharpen thumbs_4143-lobby-buttresses-occidental-college-hagy-belzberg-0314.jpg.0x1064_q90_crop_sharpen thumbs_71173-lobby-seating-occidental-college-hagy-belzberg-0314.jpg.1064x0_q90_crop_sharpen thumbs_6569-lobby-occidental-college-hagy-belzberg-0314.jpg.0x1064_q90_crop_sharpen

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Arborite Ink



Check out these pretty neat new laminate decor options called Arborite Ink. Arborite designers used laminates as a canvas for innovative and colorful patterns.

These beautiful pieces come in 4 foot by 6 foot sizes and are sure to brighten up and make any space unique.

36811-12_Arborite-INK 48839-INK_Thumbnail

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