A Couch Called Manhattan

Apparently, designers have created a couch that represents everything about Manhattan. According to the Italian designers who created this seating aparatus, Valeria Moiseeva, Joe Graceffa and Luca Nichetto, the sofa represents “a mix of relaxation and hard work, states of being which New Yorkers often struggle to balance.”

I never knew a piece of furniture, let alone a sofa, could say so much.

The couch, aptly named “Sofa4Manhattan” was designed for the Design-Apart showroom in New York.

Designer Nichetto stated “I think that sofa4Manhattan will give big personality to a home, at the same time being versatile and relaxing,” while Moiseeva added β€œIt can be integrated with most common household elements and can create an environment with personality, play with different elements and make something extremely elegant.”

And if you happen to be in New York, the sofa4Manhattan is on view at the Design-Apart showroom, located at 110 West 25th St.

Original sketch of the couch:


Assembling the couch:

IMG_6897 IMG_6939_re

Quotes and photos from here.


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