An Unlikely Spot

Interior designer Dhara Kabaria has taken upcycling to another level – she recently redid an entire shipping container and turned it into a beautiful and airy apartment. The 320 square feet abode is powered by solar energy and took 7 weeks to build. And the small area is decorated with recycled materials.

Her biggest challenge was keeping the metal home from heating up during the summer months. The bathroom was also a problem because the pipes couldn’t be concealed as they normally would be in a home. Kabaria ended up placing a matching corrugated metal over the pipes to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Eventually Kabaria would like to expand out these kinds of designs to reach more people in her impoverished home country of India. Check it out:

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Dhara KabariaD

Dwell with Dignity

Aesthetically pleasing interior design is not only for the wealthy – Dallas-based company Dwell With Dignity makes sure of it. This Texas non-profit, run by Kim Turner and Lisa Robinson, works to create beautiful and functional interior spaces for families struggling with homeless and poverty. They provide and install home interiors for families that include furnishings and art, bedding and kitchen supplies, and food in the pantry.

The founders say: “If we can change a person’s surroundings, we can change their outlook on life. Exposing children (especially) to a nurturing home environment, that includes good design and art, can inspire a standard of living that will carry-over to future generations. Exposing parents to this same environment will allow them to see the positive impact it has on their family; inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in.”

It’s really interesting to see an organization using interior design for good. Usually interior design specialists are more reserved for wealthier segments of the population, so it’s awesome to see the love being shared with all types of people.

Please visit their website for how to donate or volunteer.

Pantone View Home + Interiors 2015

Last month, Pantone released it’s annual Home + Interiors 2015 book that highlights the various color combinations and trends that will influence the interiors and homes marketplace and design world in 2015.

The report features nine key trend palettes, including Style-Setting, Abstractions, Botanicum, Zensations, Urban Jungle, Tinted Medley, Past Traces, Serendipity, and Spontaneity.

The executive director of the Pantone Color Institute stated “Consumer preferences, behaviors and lifestyles are constantly evolving spawning a desire for fresh color palettes in both home and interior design. While rigid color rules have been replaced by more creative guidelines, style and color coordination in the home remains a consistent goal. The PANTONE VIEW home + interiors 2015 forecast can validate some pre-conceived color choices, while also giving new color inspiration and direction.”

serendipity botanicum style-setting PANTONEVIEW_home_and_interiors_2015_thumb

See other color combinations here.

The report features nine key trend palettes, including Style-Setting, Abstractions, Botanicum, Zensations, Urban Jungle, Tinted Medley, Past Traces, Serendipity and Spontaneity, plus individual color and material direction.Read more:

A Couch Called Manhattan

Apparently, designers have created a couch that represents everything about Manhattan. According to the Italian designers who created this seating aparatus, Valeria Moiseeva, Joe Graceffa and Luca Nichetto, the sofa represents “a mix of relaxation and hard work, states of being which New Yorkers often struggle to balance.”

I never knew a piece of furniture, let alone a sofa, could say so much.

The couch, aptly named “Sofa4Manhattan” was designed for the Design-Apart showroom in New York.

Designer Nichetto stated “I think that sofa4Manhattan will give big personality to a home, at the same time being versatile and relaxing,” while Moiseeva added “It can be integrated with most common household elements and can create an environment with personality, play with different elements and make something extremely elegant.”

And if you happen to be in New York, the sofa4Manhattan is on view at the Design-Apart showroom, located at 110 West 25th St.

Original sketch of the couch:


Assembling the couch:

IMG_6897 IMG_6939_re

Quotes and photos from here.

From Narrow Lot to Beautiful Home

Designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture, this narrow but fabulous waterfront home replaced an older bungalow that used to be on the same lot. My favorite part about this house is the juxtaposition of modern architecture with the spectacular ocean views. While I do appreciate a good beach-style dwelling, there’s something about having a modern abode next to the ocean that is really exciting and different.

Another thing I love about this house is the abundance of beautiful views. If you’re going to live by the ocean, you better have floor to ceiling windows and decks to enjoy it with. Otherwise, what’s the point.

Check out some photos below:

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A Perfect Texas Home

This post is all about interior designer Sarah Story’s beautiful family home in the Texas Hill Country. San Antonio’s Lake|Flato Architects are responsible for the clean lines and excellent design.

Story wanted to make sure to include a lot of limestone in the interiors as an homage to the Texas Hill Country as well as to farmhouses in France where her family likes to vacation.

The natural and neutral tones of the interior and exterior allow the home to blend seamlessly into the surrounding greenery without becoming an eyesore like some mansions built in the area.

My favorite area in the house is the children’s bedroom. The geometric bunk beds are perfect and the pops of color are a nice break from the neutrals. The outdoor patio is also an excellent addition – imagine sitting outside and drinking coffee on a perfect spring morning.

Check out the photos below:

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Mobikey, founded by former French advertising executive Stéphane Eynard and Nicolas Roussel, has created these amazing, customizable drawers. Available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, each unit has a bunch of different parts that snap together into whatever kind of furniture the customer needs. The customer can also add decorative elements like knotted leather drawer pulls, panels with comic drawings, or panels with vintage records on the front.

Any Mobikey product is sure to greatly spice up a room or living space. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford one myself!

thumbs_87612-Mobikey-Black-Delicious-open.jpg.1064x0_q90_crop_sharpen thumbs_30193-Mobikey-KeyBoard-chest.jpg.1064x0_q90_crop_sharpen thumbs_25304-Mobikey-Two-level-MultiKolor.jpg.1064x0_q90_crop_sharpen thumbs_39481-Mobikey-Two-level-MultiKolor-open.jpg.598x450_q90_sharpen_upscale

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Modern Mobile House

Aptly called the “Blob”, this very modern mobile home makes living in a moveable house very enticing.

Despite being so small and compact, this living space took 18 months to build into its unique shape.

The inside boasts of a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Plus, a multitude of cubbies and shelves make displaying all your fabulous things so easy.

Fun fact: it’s for sale so go out and buy it.


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